Ms. McGill is a photojournalist with a focus on migration, faith and multicultural issues. For her masters project she received a grant to photograph and write about Somali Bantu refugees as they travelled from Kenya to Chicago. The project was published in an eight-page article in Christianity Today magazine, circulation 100,000. She has traveled extensively for the project “Sacred Places” examining modern landscape at Biblical sites in the Mediterranean Basin and Asia Minor. More recently Ms. McGill has created videos about sustainable agriculture in the United States.



Senyati Baptist Hospital in Zimbabwe used to be a place of healing. With the onslaught of the AIDS pandemic, most of the patients come to spend their final days.


Steven Kunkel has autism, a communicative disorder. He spoke his first words at age 5. His parents’ dedication to helping him develop has led to their helping others in the same situation.

The Other Holy Land

This photo essay follows Evangelicals on pilgrimage to sacred Christian sites as they see what remains–and what has changed–over 2000 years.

Flight to Freedom

In this collection of photos, audio, slideshow and written story, McGill follows the Mukomwas, a young family of four, from the barren plains of Kakuma, Kenya, to suburban Chicago.

A Better Place

St. Helena Island is a magical place on the South Carolina coastline where African American men and women have farmed this land and fished this water for centuries–first as plantation slaves, then as freedmen. It’s now one of the last communities on the East Coast that hasn’t been swallowed up by development and tourism. But … Continue reading A Better Place

Wild Habitat for Good

Wildlife Habitat For Good

Over 90 percent of the land in the southeastern United States is privately owned, but we are fortunate to have laws and incentives that make wildlife management more accessible to the private landowner. If habitat destruction and fragmentation is the bad news, the good news is that you, as a private landowner, have an opportunity … Continue reading Wildlife Habitat For Good

Prescribed Grazing

Prescribed grazing is the idea that you prescribe to your livestock where they graze and what they graze. The benefits, as you will see, are astounding and the payback for the more intensive management is worth the effort.

Soil Stories

Soil Stories

In “Soil Stories”, our protagonist, Francine, embarks on a journey of discovery that begins with her realization that soil is alive and that without soil, life as we know would not exist. In her journey of discovery she meets with soil scientists who help her “see” beneath the surface of the soil and help her understand how diverse yet ordered soil bodies are in the landscape and how much work has been done in soil survey.

Careers in Conservation

This is an opener for our recruiting video. We are using this 1-minute piece to draw viewers (10th grade to college freshmen) into exploring ideas that may include what a day at work looks like, what are the rewards of working for the NRCS, making a difference, etc.

Sonus Dulcis

Sonus Dulcis Music Video

Sonus Dulcis Music Video: This project was a collaboration to see how images and music could intertwine to create mood and meaning in a performance setting.